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October? I feel like l am waiting for pieces of me to catch up from March! But here we are. October is welcome as we wind down 2020. We all deserve a moment to congratulate ourselves for making it through some of the most unbelievable times of our lives. WELL DONE, YOU!

For you, October’s newsletter serves as an illuminating guide for the next 4 months, into 2021. I share with you the knowledge I have received through my numerous Q&A sessions with my Guides. Specifically, what to prepare for, why it’s happening, and, what you can do.

For me in Mérida, October signals cooler temps and the tourist season. At the time of writing this, we are under Tropical Storm #25 aka GAMMA. Thankfully this weather system is less intense than the ones experienced when I first arrived in May/June. It seems to pour down with rain, then it stops allowing the water to soak in before it rains again. So very polite.

The Yucatan State Government has been steadily opening things up, with earthly improvements like adding 2,000 trees to direct the new pedestrian and bus routes in the central downtown area. The archeological sites are now open, in a limited capacity. I made my way to a very sweet site called Mayapan. I would love to dribble on about the Mayan teachings however it would risk the whole point of this newsletter…

So, without further delay, what to prepare for…

The last 3 months of 2020 will not disappoint in terms of extraordinary astrology. As we have experienced so far in 2020, the solar system is very much supporting a shift in human consciousness. This is coupled with some key dates in the US, namely the election.

Here is a high-level snapshot of the next 3 months:

Oct 4 Pluto comes out of retrograde to station direct

Oct 14 Mercury goes retrograde

Oct 15 UK & EU negotiate Brexit exit deal

Nov 3 US election day + Mercury stations direct

Nov 12 Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Nov 13 Mars comes out of retrograde to station direct

Nov 30 Lunar eclipse

Dec 10 Pluto squares Eris + Human Rights Day

Dec 14 Solar eclipse

Dec 16 Saturn moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius

Dec 19 Jupiter moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius

Dec 21 Winter solstice, Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Dec 23 Mars squares Pluto

Dec 31 UK completes EU exit

Jan 20 Inauguration Day with auspicious astrology

Why is all of this happening?

The collective consciousness of humanity and the Earth is shifting into a higher frequency. A higher frequency allows more love, more light.

“Utopia must spring in the private bosom before it can flower in civic virtue.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda —

As you may have experienced through your personal growth, shifts are uncomfortable. Shifts feel destructive. Yet, you have faith and a sense of knowing that greater good is coming out of all of it. You keep going, moving through the destruction, the release, the healing, and emerging into a clearer and calmer space — a version of yourself that is nonnegotiable. Collective shifts work the same way.

The way of finding peace through this era is remembering that context is key. Rarely do we have all the facts. In leaving some room for context, know that there are untold synchronicities at play that we cannot comprehend. All of these synchronicities are for the greater good. Absolutely.

I am hopeful and continue to have faith in the natural order of love and light. I am not denying that there is potential for a lot of incendiary chaos. I see a critical role for many of us to hold faith in humanity’s ability to choose love. Chaos enables love and allows it to spread. There have been, are, and always will be greater tales of human decency compared to the manipulating exploits of a few.

What can you do…

This little plant was planted in the wrong soil. He/She has survived infestations of caterpillars, ants, and aphids, and lost all but five leaves.  Yet, He/She came back to bloom. And look at this bloom!
A Metaphor for 2020

Believe in your heart. Know that when you follow your heart, the outcome is always peaceful. Breathe and anchor in calm, as a beacon of light through the chaos. All that you have experienced, grown through, changed, transformed, transcended to this point has been for moments in time like this. A moment in history when individuals put into practice, every day, all that they have become.

Every day, use your breath to slow down and check-in with your heart. Find your center that is:

  • Calm

  • Clear

  • Grounded

  • Neutral

Then, expand your energy.

Every day, before you speak or do, check in with your heart and your intention. Is what you are about to say or do:

  • True

  • Necessary

  • Kind

Your words and actions ideally align with all three.

Every day, when you need to recharge, do so with:

  • Water

  • Nutrition

  • Rest

  • Laughter

  • Gratitude

Every day, remind yourself that:

  • Your greatest impact is to be YOU

  • You are not alone

  • Context is key

In support of all those that have and continue to show up, I aim to:

  • Set aside 2 hours every day for “last minute & much needed” sessions. I am available to support anyone in need of a recharge or quick boost.

  • Share free guided meditations. I will be uploading more over the next few months.

  • Share free DIY tools and tips to help you sail through the rest of 2020.

All of this will be here on my website and/or Instagram.

As you step into the last 3 months of 2020, I offer the wise words of Michelle Obama:

“Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen.”

Give yourself a chance.

Give the Universe a chance.

Give the World a chance.

Give time a chance.

Give others a chance.

Not for the benefit of the doubt; but because it is what is in your heart.

I am always here, ready to support you.

Important Notes:

🦋 For single sessions, I continue to function with a non-profit sensibility, offering 30 minutes sessions for a greatly reduced rate of $90, honoring the numerology of 9: a period of completion and fulfillment for the greatest good of all.

🦋 My hourly rate for the “Return to Innocence” guided meditation package honors the Mayan number 5: spiritual self-realization, balance & harmony, “The Golden Rule”. Click here for more.

🦋 If you are interested in a single session or the guided package but don’t have the means, please contact me. I am always open to finding a mutually beneficial way forward.

🦋 Referrals are very welcome. For every 2 full paying referrals you send to me, you receive 1 free session.

🦋 For a clear astrological perspective, please consider Stephanie Jourdan.

🦋 For tarot readings, please consider Colleen Dunn Saftler

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