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Chichén Itzá, 2021

Hello, Hello!

As you can probably tell, I am one of those people sitting aghast that it is March, 2021 — a full year since I left NYC, and a full year of COVID. My pile of “must do’s” like taxes, website maintenance, strategic partnerships and planning stares me down; I logically tell all of it that I cannot attend for I am busy eating chocolate!!!

My last newsletter was December 2020. I had just spent a heart-opening week in Palm Springs, and was preparing for Miami.

Christmas and New Year in Miami was eye-opening. Again, I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed 3 weeks in Miami. Throughout my travels, I honored safety and respect. None of my traveling pod came down with so much as a sniffle!

I returned to Merida in January, and finally stopped for a short while before continuing this energy wave.

Since being back, I have visited both Uxmal and Chichén Itzá — two of the major sites here in the Yucatan. Both were profound energetic experiences.

Uxmal represents the Divine Feminine energy, renown as the cosmic university of Priestesses.

Chichén Itzá represents the Divine Masculine energy, renown for transformation and transcendence.

Both places firmly reinforced my decision to land, and stay in Mérida. Mérida continues to be a happy landing place for me.


My “New Year” energy began in November as I arrived in Palm Springs. Things opened up before me, like a vast meadow. No matter where I looked, it was wide open spaces, lush with possibilities. I found that my mantra themes had transformed from “Trust” to “Go, Go, Go!”.

Being in this energy when I am was constantly surrounded by supportive humans is easy. Being in this energy when it is just me, is quite another thing. This is when the real work of letting go, and finding a whole new level of courage begins.

The spiritual journey back to Self can be exhausting and growth seems never ending. In truth the journey is infinite. Growth is infinite, as is expansion. In my experience, these are truths:

  • The work does get easier and more enjoyable as I expand along my path.

  • The moments of realization “Oh, I know what this is. And, I know what to do here!” become the new sweet spot.

  • Moments which I believed were fleeting sweet spots become constants.

It is the hardest cycles of growth and the darkest of moments that I am most grateful. I quickly became comfortable with growth — so comfortable that I needed to find a new courage to live outside of the shadow, in the light, showing the world all that I am.

More often we associate personal growth with being soul wrenching and in the dark, unwinding out of trauma and destructive patterns. We easily put aside that the soul’s journey is always in the light.

The light far outshines the dark, always. Realizing that my personal growth can also occur in the light, with ease, grace and joy has been the transformation.

I am now that person that wakes up every morning thankful for my breath and heartbeat, out loud. I am now that person who peacefully sits in the middle, of everything. I am neither left nor right. Neither above nor below. Neither ahead nor behind.


This energy is not just for me or those who have reached a certain point in their spiritual growth. This energy is available to everyone, everywhere. Every morning, as the sun rises we are offered the opportunity to step into the light — a spotlight as big as the sun.

Every moon cycle is asking us to be BIGGER. To be more and more in all that we are, individually, so that we can create a world of ease, grace and joy. It is time to stop looking at the light as something out there, far off in the distance. Step up and out, into the all encompassing light. Gather up all those dreams. See, feel, and know the inspired action. Allow the light to illuminate your path ahead.

Step forward.

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