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Helping Hands, Bergen 2017

How are you? Are you OK?

Almost every person responds with “It’s tough, but who am I to complain.”

There are few statements that stun me. It is especially significant given the unforgiving stresses of 2020 and, the unknown stresses coming up.

Ten months ago, COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown was tough to adjust to. It had a novelty and a sense that it was temporary.

Two weeks ago, the US elections were intense for obvious reasons. The election carried a high sense of expectation that once decided, life will resume with some sense of normalcy. With novelty and expectation, comes a sense of vibrant energy and the relief that the stress and anxiety has a name other than “Me”.

We have been getting by on this energy all year, until now. Instead of normalcy returning, every day the energy seems to get more intense. The space feels tighter, the air thicker. The days become darker and colder. The noise gets louder. COVID-19 surges. Separation and isolation are more common than smiles and hugs. We are exhausted.

When exhausted, our bodies use whatever energy we have to sustain our physical being at the expense of our mental and emotional health. It becomes a lot harder to ground, to clear the mind, to pick ourselves up. On top of all this, we are supposed to make sure everyone else is OK.

The assault on our mental wellbeing does not take into account our privileges or lack thereof. When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, comparisons are meaningless.

Your mental health matters.

No more, no less than others.

You matter.


Mental health is more critical now than it ever has been. Your mental health rests on two things:

First, knowing & trusting what is in your highest and best.

Second, knowing and trusting what is being asked of you.

We are never asked to know what is best for someone else, and then take on the responsibility for them. Each of us has the responsibility of doing and being in our unique highest and best. In practicing this at an individual level, our family and friends benefit. Collectively, the greater good benefits.

I am deeply committed to doing what I can to help during these uncertain months. I have made the decision to continue offering my services on a donation basis, to encourage you and others to ask for and receive help.

When our collective vibe is high, love wins.

My expanded multi-dimensional vision allows me to see an energetic map of possibilities, an overview of your potential life paths. This includes in depth assistance in healing your past, and informing your choices. I invite you to call or email me.

You are not alone. Help is here.


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