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Updated: Feb 2, 2021


Sunset walks in Mérida, Mexico 2020

It is Saturday afternoon in Mérida, Mexico and, I wanted to write just for the glory of sitting down and putting words to paper. This may be a longer newsletter than usual; I have an update on my adventures in Mérida, then how to use the energy of 2020 to leap to the next level of your being.

Get comfy, relax, and let’s go on a walk together…

Life in Merida is blissful. We are still in a significant lockdown with the majority of people staying home, no alcohol, and curfews. A few non-essential businesses are operating at the bare minimum. Yet, people are still calm, friendly, and ready with a smile.

I have made the switch from grocery stores to the local market, less than 10 minutes walk from my house. It has been one of those awkward decisions that have bloomed into such a delight. The walk to and from the market always leads to discoveries, ending with a refreshing dip in my pool. The market is vibrant and happy, with lots to see, hear and smell…some good, some a little ‘eh’. Fridays are extra special, with a mariachi band.

Market days are my “connection” days where I show my neighbors that I am here and making an effort to be a part of the community. I laugh and practice my spanish with the market folks, who all believe I should buy far more than I need. The entire experience is a massive smile and a happy heart.

I continue to study the Mayan consciousness, my main motivation for coming to Mérida. The sites are all closed, with no date for re-opening. Nonetheless, the energy is tangible and the learning often mind-blowing when the dots connect. I have come to know that whenever there are synchronicities like this, the soul opens for releasing, healing, and recalling. I alluded to this in my last newsletter.

Through my experiences, I have also come to know that the energy of 2020 is unbelievably rapid, intense, and perfectly aligned for releasing, healing, and recalling. The energy is doing 90% of the work for us. We just need to show up with an open mind and a handful of pure intentions. Using the energy of 2020 will have an enormous impact on your life path.

The energy of 2020 powerfully facilitates a return to the innocence of:

  1. Your Inner Child

  2. Your Soul & Ancestral lineage

  3. Your Feminine and Masculine

I feel that shudder of having to look at your inner child, AGAIN. Healing the inner child is multifaceted and layered. When we resolve to heal, we are shown what we can heal based on what we can look at and handle with a sense of sanity. The inner child is the foundation of our chakras, our belief system, our way of being in this world. Unwinding to the pure innocence, before all the conditioning, is going to take time and several takes.

Double rainbow following my Inner Child healing (August 2020)

Your soul and ancestral lineage carry past experiences that impact our lives today. Within these experiences are vows, promises, or commitments made to avoid trauma in the future. These vows are not appropriate for life in 2020 and beyond. They now serve to hold you back from all that you can be through self-defeating and self-destructing thoughts and actions. Imagine life without vows made hundreds and thousands of lifetimes ago?

Most of what we see in today’s world is heavily weighted on the masculine. Therefore, the primary need is to heal the masculine. A wounded Masculine carries the burden of fear, guilt, shame, and undeserving — often the triggers of anger and rage. We desperately need to take time to look at our Divine Masculine aspect — to acknowledge it, listen to it, and heal it. The Divine Feminine will rise on cue, to envelope the Divine Masculine in healing. When balance is restored, then we can look at the Divine Feminine and ask her what she needs.

Each time our soul encounters a traumatic event it splinters. Pieces of our soul, usually the deeply wounded parts hide or separate from the whole soul. This is a survival technique to safe keep that part of the soul until it can be healed and restored. Recalling healed and whole soul fragments occur at each stage of this work.

The knock-on effect of this blazing transformation is:

  • Healed and whole chakras/energy system

  • A strong sense of peace

  • Easier to be present, to quieten the mind chatter

  • Easier to connect into the energy

So, how do you get started?

Specific to the work mentioned in this newsletter, I am offering a few options. Please email or call me if you are interested or have any questions:

👉 FREE 30-minute call to chat in more detail about this work

  • Get some tips & resources for doing this on your own

  • Find out more on the guided package

👉 A guided package, $948 for 6 sessions:

  • I will guide you through the release, healing, and recalling

  • Sessions 1 & 2 focus on the Inner Child

  • Sessions 3 & 4 focus on Soul & Ancestral Lineage

  • Sessions 5 & 6 focus on Divine Masculine & Feminine

  • Sessions are 60-75 minutes ($158* per session)

👉 A FREE weekly video conference call:

  • An open call to assist anyone through healing

  • Submit your questions via email ahead of weekly call

  • During the call, I will answer the questions and share any tips/tools

  • I will show my happy face on the call; no pressure on you to show your happy face

⚡️If you are interested in the guided package but don’t have the means, please email me. I am always open to finding a mutually beneficial way forward.

*My rate is based on the Mayan numerology of 5: self-realization, balance and harmony, "The Golden Rule".

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