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My understanding of trauma is based on my own life and work experience. I help my clients to heal and release their own trauma by teaching them how to sit, stay, conquer and defeat their trauma.


Trauma is unequivocal, unique and incomparable. 

There is no gauge on trauma — no one’s trauma is worse or greater than another’s.

Any similarities lie in the long-term effect trauma has on one’s life. 

Trauma is the perception of a series of events, a puzzle.

Trauma is exacerbated by social perceptions of shame, guilt, pity, blame, betrayal, abandonment, punishment, etc. 

Trauma is triggered by fears of the event recurring. 

Trauma is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The healing and release of trauma begins with the resonation of truth, one's wisdom.

Truth heals and releases trauma.

My Work: 

I have a unique ability to see and accompany people in the darkest moments of their lives. With clarity and peace, I sit with the unimaginable things humans experience, without being traumatized myself.

#1: My ability as a Seer allows me to be an ally in the destruction they are facing.

I am able to see the entire board — all of the puzzle pieces, guiding their attention to specific pieces that transform their experience. It is in the tiny puzzle pieces that one gains a fresh and more truthful perspective of the event and its trail.

#2:  My ability to source the unique tools to re-connect into their body  and use their senses; to remember their courage and strength; to remember their pelvis, legs, that they can stand up. To remember how to walk again. To remember what they love, who they are, and why they are here. 

#3: I teach them to align and unify the heart and the mind, the body & the consciousness, the masculine & the feminine, the physical and the non-physical, the duality and the non-duality of being a spiritual being in a human body. To create and re-build the life they dream of, resonating so fully with their heart, and aligned with their highest purpose.


Ongoing Support

In every destruction, there is the promise of building new, better than before.

Ironically, as painful as destruction is, it is also the moment we are at our best — our fullest potential. It is from this place, and in this energy that we build a better world, our legacy.

Destruction will come again because growth is inevitable.

And when destruction comes again the time in the dark will be shorter. 

It will be lighter, and the rise will be the greatest yet.

The life led and lived after each wave of destruction is more beautiful, more loving, more grand than before.

This is why we are here…to unwind out of what does not work, to re-build better, and better, and better.

Coming back to the truth of who we are — 1 unified soul.

*The above is a brief description of trauma and my work. Please contact me for more details*

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”

The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.”

~ Author Unknown

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