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Planet Jupiter in the colorful starry un

My teachers would always show where the work was but, I always felt like the “how” was open-ended and undefined. Although I now know that each of our “hows” ends up being a uniquely personal journey, my intention is to give you a map and a toolbox that will show you how to navigate the process with momentum, easing the lows and leveraging the highs.

As a seer, teacher and healer, I approach the work we do from a higher perspective. My essence is in creating and holding a clear and neutral space for your transformation. 

In this space, you will feel, know and speak your true self. 

In this space, you will receive the tools to work through, release and heal the blockers — life lessons. 

Finally, you will learn to create and hold your own space that allows you to experience the ease, grace, and joy of being aligned with your purpose.

My process is personal and unique, combining my gifts of seeing, healing and teaching. It is grounded in a passion and dedication to what I consider 4 pillars of our human experience:


Practical tools to create and achieve the best outcome possible for your career: the business of your life.


Invest in your life by leveraging your behaviors to create a more fulfilling and purposeful experience.


Willingness and wisdom to come back to your intention and purpose. Enjoy the experience of achieving the outcome.


Empower innovative collaborations that spark individual purpose and contribute towards the greater good.

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