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My clients are perfectly imperfect "Outliers" who are inspired to know more, do more, and be more. 


I work with the “Explorers” starting to question their life choices, curious about what is holding them back, their purpose, and the bigger picture.


I work with the “Journeyers” navigating self-discovery and transformation, seeking clarity and support through the next steps.

I work with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations seeking a fresh perspective on their career, corporate culture, and strategy.

I am deeply committed to doing what I can to help you and others. I am offering my services on a "pay what you can" basis, guided by the hourly session rate of $210. 


My purpose is my life -

an example of living in ease, grace and joy


Create change at the individual level, which fuels change at the collective, towards a global movement that redefines happiness, health, wealth and success in the terms of a conscious existence.

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