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We have all felt intense energy, on all levels of our being, since the Full Moon Eclipse on June 5th. A new month is upon us, with the last in this series of eclipses at 9:44PM PDT on July 4th. I can feel the collective shudder as we think about what another month in 2020 could possibly bring…

June 2020 broke records. My first month in Mérida, Mexico saw:

  • Record breaking rain and floods with back-to-back Tropical Storms Amanda and Cristobel

  • Influx of mosquitos at the tail end of these storms

  • Daily highs of COVID-19 infections

  • A deep earthquake in Oaxaca, felt through Central America

  • The largest Sahara dust cloud in decades

  • The most prominent migration of butterflies in decades

July does feel softer, with more space to stretch out. The past takes on a new lens in this softer space. Specifically how we [the collective “we”] use the past to dictate the present, and the future. This eclipse window is asking us to calm down, to ground, to settle into the space around us, and focus on our Self. Ask the question: “WHO AM I?”.

With this question, inevitably we look to our past to define us, to dictate our path forward into the future. I am shown again and again, that although our past informs us, it does not dictate where we are going.

“I did not come from. I came through.”

Conveniently relying on our past to dictate our future creates stereotypes that restrict our divine rights as human beings on earth. Our deepest craving is to be seen for who we truly are.

Don’t see me for who you think I was,

Fo who you think I am,

For who you think I will be.

See Me.

For my Divine Being,

For my Divine Light.

Many of us are still in some sort of “stay at home" lifestyle, a continuing opportunity to quieten and sit with ourselves. Use this time to gently feel your way towards embodying the truth of who you are. Slow down to breathe and then, see and take the inspired action. There is so much support for us; from core of Mother Earth all the way up to through the Cosmos.

I am sharing the words I receive to help me find my self, to see and take the inspired action:

—> Breathe.

—> Slow down.

—> Surrender into the experience.

—> Let us show you the way.

Listen to your own heart and take in what resonates with you. Always.

Sahara dust skies in Mérida, Mexico. June 2020

My expanded multi-dimensional sight allows me to both heal and inform your choices, guide and comfort you and your loved ones. I see an overview of your potential life paths, an energetic map of possibilities.

During this unprecedented time I am continuing to function with a non-profit sensibility, offering 30 minutes sessions via phone for a greatly reduced rate of $81. Call or email, and please note the urgency of your situation.

Help is here.

*$81 is based on the numerology of 9: a period of completion and fulfillment for the greatest good of all.


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