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An Ode To November...

Remember when we were saying “March..what was that?!?!”

It is now November 2020. With just as much a “Whaaaat?!?!” as March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October 2020. 

Not only do we have transformational elections, we also have heavy-hitting cosmic energy to support our healing. 

On a much more pleasant and lighter note, November is also the month of my second niece. I acknowledge all that mental and cosmic energy out there right now. I consciously choose to connect with the wisdom of my niece and our shared lineage. A very real aspect of my Self, connected at my heart.

Minnie-Mouse-Super-Girl ©️Hayley Evans 2020 All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or share without express written permission.

My niece is the “Sun-Bee”. She came into this world with the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling”. This song played as my sister and I entered the hospital parking lot, parked, and entered into “Labor and Delivery.” I am so proud to be connected to this fascinating ball of light energy. She ignites hidden parts of me.

Truth be told, there is no physical contact with her and my family, now. Even though we can’t find common ground right now, I open my heart and send love every moment I think of them. I like to think they do the same for me. I would far rather this connection than the forced physical roles so often obligated to play. 

Love transcends what we can do in the physical. Children are so important in reminding us of this. This adult world and our decisions are hard on children and adults. I surrender into the knowledge that children give us leeway to figure ourselves out far more than we do for ourselves. I know she gets it.  

When I ask my Self “what kind of person would she be proud of?” I instantly think of her entry song “I Gotta Feeling.”

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And then I am fired up to be ME…all that I am. In the fullest and best way possible. 

The version of me that loves all that I have come through to be on the road to all that I am becoming. 

The version of me that whistles, sings, and dances to my very own tune, whenever I can. 

The version of me that blesses my footsteps, my food, and water. 

The version of me that sees light versus containers. 

The version of me that has infinite patience, hope, and romance in humanity.

Being this person is scary. It is tough. I have reached moments of exhaustion that many of you can comprehend. I have looked at the deepest and darkest aspects for myself to answer the question “Who Am I?”

Today, I sit here, type, and send this email to you as the person she would be proud of. And more importantly, the person I am proud to be.

Who are you? Who are you proud to be?

Please let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Love, always



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