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Grounding Meditation


Grounding is connecting down into Mother Earth and allowing her energy to calm and heal your being.

Mother Earth exemplifies unconditional love. Regardless of who we are or what we do, She still supports us with air, water, food, shelter, and everything else that we need to live as humans.

In every step we take, we are connecting to the energy of Mother Earth. We have a symbiotic relationship with Her: we receive energy from Her, we release energy to Her. All the energy we release to Her is transmuted to healing for the entire planet.  


Grounding helps us to feel Her presence in a very real way. When we connect with Her, we connect with very motherly energy that nurtures us, helps us to feel calm, centered, and loved. Just like a mother's hug.

This is a guided meditation, so all you have to do it is find a quiet space for about 35 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe, slowly and softly. Just listen to my voice and let it guide you.

You can do this meditation anytime you want to. 

Setting up the meditation:

Breathe In, slowly and deeply

Breathe out, slowly and deeply

Repeat 3 times

Now, hit play on the this link



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