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Mars from the Hubble telescope (NASA)

For us in the northern hemisphere, August is red hot with long, slow days of blazing sun and heat. The Mayans believe August (UO) is the time of fertility and abundance raining down on us. There is hope!

The planet Mars is also prominent this month. Mars is popular as the God of War or the Warrior. However, this is not his full aspect. In his full beauty, both shadow and light, I see and feel Mars as benevolent masculine/yang with cataclysmic energy — calling for action. Mars wants us to thrive in this world.

Mars is a “personal” planet (along with the Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus) highlighting how we sense our self. Naturally, which side of Mars you choose to work with depends on how you see your self:

The shadow side of Mars is the heated anger that can seem combative, with no thought towards long term effects.

The light side of Mars is the courage and confidence to take action that is aligned with our highest and best pathway.

What are your default behaviors? What is the world you are creating?

The “YEAR” of July 2020 showed me that I default to being a victim. In doing so, I shut myself off to any good coming my way. I allow myself to be guided by the faintest “bad” sign, yet I ask for multiple confirmations of “good” signs. And even when there are so many positive signs, I still ask for clearer signs — ones that cannot be doubted.

Here are some phrases that I use when I catch my self sliding into my victim mentality:

What can I learn here?

Show me the work?

How can I be better?

How can I be in my fullest potential?

Why is this happening to me?

What does this mean?

What is going on? Why?

All of these questions spiral down to not trusting my intuition and a belief that I am not enough. A belief that I do not deserve good until I have done my work — that if I don’t do enough and do it just right, I don’t deserve the good stuff yet. This is the Cycle of Samsara that the Buddhists speak of.

There is no fun if we are looking for more work to do. When we are looking to figure things out, we are looking to solve a problem. When we are looking for a problem to solve, we create problems. A frustratingly stagnant cycle of never being good enough; never doing enough.

A small step towards breaking out of this cycle is reframing the question:

Instead of asking “why is this happening to me?”

Ask “what is happening for me?”

Instead of asking “why is everything going wrong?”

Ask “What is going right?”

In actuality, I have learned enough. I have done enough work. I deserve to enjoy life and have fun. Balance is key. Having fun is critical.

This month’s newsletter is the work of Mars. He offers some direct guidance. Please listen to your own heart and take in what resonates with you.

“It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Over the last 6 months, some have experienced exponential downloads. Pieces have been received. Some of then have fallen into place nonchalantly, while other pieces linger about. You have enough information. You have enough pieces. Step back, take a look from a higher, distant perspective, and start building the picture. Put them together now.”

My expanded multi-dimensional sight allows me to both heal and inform your choices, guide and comfort you, your loved ones and your business. I see an overview of your potential life paths, an energetic map of possibilities. I can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

I am continuing to function with a non-profit sensibility, offering 30 minutes sessions via phone for a greatly reduced rate of $90. Call or email, and please note the urgency of your situation.

*$90 is based on the numerology of 9: a period of completion and fulfillment for the greatest good of all.

Help is here.

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