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A Story of Transformation & Healing

In flight to Mérida, Mexico

This month, I wanted to start by sharing my amazing story of travel from New York to Oakland to Merida, Mexico, where I write to you from now, during this incredible time of transformation. I hope it offers you some comfort, hope and faith. I finish the story with concrete guidance you can use to negotiate this unprecedented time with grace.

Have no fear, all ends well.

Nervous. Unsettled. Restless. Searching. On March 1, I was guided to pack up my life in NYC and head west. I listened. I left NYC on March 12, 4 days before it went into lockdown and became known as the epicenter of the US COVID-19 pandemic and arrived in Oakland, CA to be surrounded by supportive friends.

On May 7, I was guided away from my original plan to move to LA, towards Mexico. I listened. I arrived in Mérida on May 25 — the same day George Floyd passed. I have never been short on courage. It is the word most often used when people describe me and my work as a visionary guide and healer.

That being said, fear is my greatest resistance, our greatest resistance. The move from NYC in March was chaotic and scary, crescendoing with me, sitting on the floor of JFK, unable to see or think clearly. FEAR. My timeline in this life has been dictated by fear of the worst happening.

My greatest work over the last year has been unwinding out of this belief system, and easing in to surrender. Surrender is that light within me that is my truth, my knowing, my power. Courage is taking the inspired action of the guidance.

When I settle into this, I have an unwavering knowing that I will always be OK. Rather than focusing on a single piece of the puzzle, I can see the bigger picture. I can see all the synchronicities falling into place, for me and the greater good. I can see the endless possibilities of being in our power. This is what inspires me to surrender; to be brave enough to keep my eyes open to the beauty of life.

Although my adventures from NYC to Mérida have been surprising, they have been divinely timed, distancing me from chaos.

2020 is a year for courage and surrender. The courage to illuminate your heart, to stand up, to speak up, to use your voice. To surrender into your truth. To take INSPIRED ACTION. I have been guided to share these insights into this unprecedented time with you. Listen to your own heart and take in what resonates with you.

June 5: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Inflammatory & Accelerating

  • For those who are awake, it is accelerating through resistance towards trusting & surrendering into knowing.

  • For those who are on the verge of awakening, it is creating questions around seeing what is not working but not sure how to find what will work.

  • For those who are ingrained with ego, inflammatory and illuminating patterns & cycles accelerated by frustration, anger, shaming, bullying.

June 14: Eris/Mars/Pluto

Drive Toward Action

  • Eris very much prefers to take inspired action that comes through surrendering into the energy.

  • Give your fears, sadness, resistance to Eris - she transmutes them into power for transformation.

  • Pluto is offering up his mystical underworld to see the underlying themes and issues.

  • Mars is adding to the energy, sounding the call for change.

  • Majority of planets are in/approaching retrograde, creating a pressure cooker for dynamic change — we need this help from the solar system! Good comes out of this.

June 20 /21: Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse

Dynamic Change

  • Transformation is more of the big picture, change over a long term.

  • Dynamic Change is the kind where "yesterday it was like that; and today, it is like this!”

  • Occurring at the individual level to drive the transformation of consciousness.

  • A tiny shift in degree = massive tangent, over time (transformation).

  • Upcoming July 4 is US Independence Day

The element of Water is supporting us through June 2020

My expanded multi-dimensional sight allows me to both heal and inform your choices, guide and comfort you and your loved ones. I see an overview of your potential life paths, an energetic map of possibilities.

During this unprecedented time I am reaching out to offer assistance to as many people a I can. Functioning with a non-profit sensibility, I am offering 30 minutes sessions via phone for a greatly reduced rate of $81. Call or email, and please note the urgency of your situation.

*$81 is based on the numerology of 9: a period of completion and fulfillment for the greatest good of all.

Help is here.

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